Writing Resolutions Progress Report #4

1. Keep freelancing- I’m still working for the two employers I’ve had since December.I took on some new clients this month, both of which could turn into long-term work… But there has been some complications with both, so we’ll how that turns out! I’m hoping to take on some higher paying jobs next month because I have a lot of events and big plans coming up over the next 3-4 months!

2. Join a writing group- I have decided to drop this goal for a new goal. What is that new goal? You’ll find out next month!

3. Update both blogs 1x a week- I missed a post for this blog this month, but made up for it this week! Time got away from me while in Florida, so that’s why I had to make up a post. But overall I’m doing well with this resolution and that makes me feel good!

4. Finish one draft of my novel- Since the first 20 pages of my novel is going to be my submission piece for University of Tampa, I decided to wait until next month when I start putting the rest of my application together to work on it more in-depth. This month has just been brainstorming how the first 20 pages will go!

5. Get accepted into grad school- While in Florida I visited the University of Tampa and have decided to apply there! So next month I will be working on my putting my application together. And as of right now, that is the only school I have looked at and decided to apply to.

So that’s how my writing resolutions are going so far for the year. I’m definitely hoping to make big leaps of progress with each of them during May. If you’re curious to see how my anxiety resolutions are going, head over to my other blog where that progress will be up as well. Have a great day everyone!


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