Things that Have Been Inspiring Me (April)

Back in February I decided to start a new series where near the end of each month I would share some of the things that had inspired me during the month. Since April is almost over, here are the three things that have been inspiring me in the month of April!



This month I was really inspired by going to crystal shops and buying new crystals. I bought A LOT of new crystals that I look forward to using in the near future. And I plan on eventually getting a shelf strictly for displaying my crystals. I find crystal shops and crystals to be very positive and calming, two things I’ve been trying to achieve over the past month. And crystals are such beautiful colors and have such interesting shapes, which my creative mind finds very pleasing and inspiring.


The Beach

Because of being in Florida most of April, I’ve gone to the beach quite often. We don’t have a beach in my town, so I don’t have a lot of experiences with beaches! And because I don’t like/know how to swim, I’ve never gone seeking them out. But after going to the beach once and seeing the sunset, I became hooked! The peacefulness and beauty of it was very relaxing and inspiring. Though most of my characters would never be found at a beach, I found the overall scenery very inspiring and am sure I’ll find some way to incorporate it into a future piece.



Because of spending so much time at the beach, I’ve gotten used to seeing a lot of seashells over the beach. I even started collecting them, picking out ones that were a pretty color or had an interesting shape. I even acquired a sand dollar which is pretty cool! I even found a few shells that had small holes in them and plan on turning those into necklaces once I’m back home. Even though they aren’t as unique as snowflakes, I find them to be really interesting and I’ve really enjoyed collecting them!


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