Writing Resolutions Progress Report #3

1. Keep freelancing- I’m still working for the two employers I’ve had since December. I took on another freelance job and that didn’t go so well- post on that is up of you want to read it- so since that incident I’ve gotten more selective about the jobs I accept. I have also taken on additional responsibilities with my two primary employers, so that has kept me pretty busy. I’m thinking about branching out onto other freelance sites in hopes of finding different job opportunities, so if anyone knows any good freelancing sites, please let me know!

2. Join a writing group- I have made no progress on this one. Truth be told, I’m thinking about dropping it from my goal list because it’s not something I feel I need anymore. I haven’t decided yet. We’ll see if i drop it next month in favor of a new goal!

3. Update both blogs 1x a week- I missed a week this month due to getting food poisoning. I did make up the missed posts later on, but I did feel bad for missing them in the first place. But just goes to show life doesn’t always go as planned!

4. Finish one draft of my novel- My novel has been on the back burner because of the additional responsibilities I’ve been taking on at work. I’m hoping during April to make some progress on it while I’m in Florida.

5. Get accepted into grad school- I’ve researched a few schools and did an online information session for one. In April, while I’m in Florida I will be going to an open house at one of the colleges I’m thinking of applying to. If I like it, I’ll apply. If I don’t, then back to the drawing board!

So that’s how my writing resolutions are going so far for the year. I’m definitely hoping to make big leaps of progress with each of them during April. If you’re curious to see how my anxiety resolutions are going, head over to my other blog where that progress will be up as well. Have a great day everyone!


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