I Almost Gave Up Being a Writer

I mentioned in one of my last posts about a bad freelancing experience I had and how it made me really bad about myself as a writer. It made me feel so bad that I seriously contemplated giving up on writing. I even posted about this on Facebook and the amount of people in my life who told me not to give up on it shocked me. For starters, I didn’t think too many people paid attention to my writing. I also didn’t realize just how many of my friends and family believe in what I’m doing. So after reading all those comments and a stern-but-really-stern lecture-but-not-really-a-lecture from my mentor, I realized giving up on being a writer after one bad freelancing experience wouldn’t be a smart thing to do. This is what I’m passionate about, this is what I love doing and truth be told, I’m not good at much else! So to give up on something that means a lot to me just wouldn’t make sense. So even though I’ve decided to continue writing, I’ll share the experience I had with all of you.

So as I’ve mentioned numerous times over the past 3 or 4 months, I started freelancing in December. Overall, it hasn’t been a bad experience. The people I have been working for since the start treat me well. I have opportunities to present ideas and have started getting a little more responsibility from each of my bosses, which makes me feel good. So a few weeks ago I accepted a job from a client where I would be writing an article for their websites blog. I got to pick the topic and do the research. The only stipulation was I had to keep it at 500 words and use SEO words so they could improve their ranking on Google. So I came up with a topic I thought would fit well with the content they already had, did the research, and hit both of their stipulations. I was so proud of what I had written and felt good when I handed it in. I was thanked for the article and told it was a good article, which made me feel even better.

So a day or two later I went onto the website’s blog to see if my article and had been posted. I saw the topic I had written about and was super excited… until I saw that the article wasn’t at all what I had written. The topic and research were definitely from what I wrote, but not a single sentence was what I had given them. Seeing that really made me feel like shit. I knew my article wasn’t perfect and that there would be some editing done to it but they changed EVERYTHING. Seeing that really made me question if the article was actually good before, if I was a good writer… I spiraled so much that I was actually in tears and seriously considering giving my two primary bosses my two weeks notice to replace me. That’s honestly how bad seeing that made me feel.

From what I’ve been told by other friends who freelance, this is very common. It might not have been that my article wasn’t good, but that they needed it in a specific style, so they had to make the necessary changes so it would fit their site better. The guy did leave me good feedback about my work for him, so that also helped me feel better. I guess one thing this experience taught me is that I can’t take it personally when a situation like this happens. It doesn’t mean I’m a bad writer, it just means my style of writing might not always be the right fit for someone. And that does make sense to me because writing is subjective and everyone likes something different. Millions of people all over the world love Stephen King’s novels and I don’t understand why because I’ve read several of them and have found them to be boring! But my point is I won’t fit everyone’s needs perfectly all the time and that’s fine. It’s not a good reason to give up though, so I don’t plan on giving up anytime soon. I will keep pushing and working toward my dreams even when situations like this one or worse occur.

I know that this probably isn’t something I should have shared in case any future employers read it, but I feel it had to be acknowledged because of the message behind it. Every day someone gets told they aren’t good enough to do something that they love and that leads to a lot of people giving up on their dreams. And that’s a really sad thing to think about because everyone should have the chance to pursue their dreams! So I really hope that anyone reading this doesn’t give up on their dreams when times get tough. I’m glad I didn’t because I don’t know what I’d be doing right now if I had. I do know I would have felt a lot of negative emotions and I don’t want to put myself through that again. So don’t give up everyone! Our dreams aren’t easy to achieve, but they are worth it!

Has anyone else had an experience like this or something similar? If so, I would love to hear about it and how you made the decision to not give up as well! Together maybe we can inspire at least one person to stick to their dreams no matter what! Have a great day!

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