Writing Resolutions Progress Report #2

At the end of December I posted my writing resolutions for 2019 and said at the end of each moth I would post a progress report on them! And since it’s the end of February,  here is the second progress report of the year!

1. Keep freelancing- I’m still working for the two employers I’ve had since December. I did well on the very long and in-depth book review I did for that other client, which could lead to more potential work with them in the future. Sadly, I haven’t taken on any new projects this month. Some of them have been due to miscommunication, a few were scams, and others just never replied back. But I’m hopeful that new opportunities will come my way soon.

2. Join a writing group- I joined an app called MeetUp to hopefully find some writing groups in my area. So far I haven’t found anything that I can get to or is at a good time for me, but I’ll keep looking!

3. Update both blogs 1x a week- I’ve been keeping up with this pretty well. I think due to the setup WordPress has it might not look like I’m posting 1x a week on both, but I’ve definitely been posting on both! I am really proud of myself for keeping both blogs updated and even gaining some new followers in the process!

4. Finish one draft of my novel- I have started writing the first chapter of my novel. It’s not the most brilliant thing I’ve ever written and I already see a lot of changes I want to make to it! But the fact that I even have it down somewhere is a good start.

5. Get accepted into grad school- I’m still in the research part of this resolution. Still considering a few, but haven’t made any solid decisions yet. Life is a bit too unpredictable these days for me to fully decide where I want to go. And I only want to apply to schools that will fit me the best, so here’s to hoping I find some of those in March!

So that’s how my writing resolutions are going so far for the year. I’m definitely hoping to make big leaps of progress with each of them during March. If you’re curious to see how my anxiety resolutions are going, head over to my other blog where that progress will be up as well. Have a great day everyone!


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