A New Look for the Blog!

No writing related post this week as I am working on trying to come up with better topics and upgrade the overall quality of each post. If you have any suggestions for either of those, let me know!

I also decided to overhaul the blog and give a new look. The old look and layout was no longer serving me well and I felt it wasn’t coming across as professional. I’m hoping this new look and layout is better and serves me well for where I want to take the blog! I also updated my profile photo, changed the background, added a new header, and the blog finally has a site icon that I put together myself!

I hope all these improvements attracts more followers to the blog because I would really like to reach a wider audience of people, as any writer does. I hope all of you like the changes! And don’t hesitate to let me know if anything has gone amiss with these changes so I can fix them. Have a great day everyone!


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