Writing Resolutions Progress Report #1

At the end of December I posted my writing resolutions for 2019 and said at the end of each moth I would post a progress report on them! And since it’s the end of January- which went by quickly in my opinion- here is the first progress report of the year!

1. Keep freelancing- I am continuing to work for the two websites I was working for at the end of last year as well as taking on new freelancing projects! Currently I am writing a very long and in-depth book review for someone. And I’m talking to a few other people about potentially working for them. So I don’t really have too much I can say on those. But freelancing is going really well for me and I hope it continues to get better as 2019 goes on

2. Join a writing group- Admittedly, absolutely no progress has been made on this one. Why? Because I kind of forgot about it and also, I’ve been trying to focus on other resolutions more. Hopefully in the month of February it will be different!

3. Update both blogs 1x a week- I am very proud of myself for being able to keep up with this one, especially after my writing burn out a few weeks ago. I’m looking forward to creating more interesting blog posts for you guys as 2019 continues on!

4. Finish one draft of my novel- If I could have accomplished this one in the last month, that would have been amazing. But no, I have not completed a draft of my novel yet. I am working on, brainstorming better ideas for it and figuring out my characters a bit better. We’ll see how far I get by next month!

5. Get accepted into grad school- No acceptance or rejection letters yet! I’m still in the research part of this resolution. There are A LOT of grad schools out there, so it’s a matter of finding the right fit for me. There are a few considerations, but nothing solid yet. Hopefully by the end of February this resolution will be farther along!

So that’s how my writing resolutions are going so far for the year. If you’re curious to see how my anxiety resolutions are going, head over to my other blog where that progress will be up as well! https://dearanxietyweneedtotalk.wordpress.com


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