Inspiration Struck!

I took some time away from writing to take a trip and focus on other areas of my life. Taking that time away really helped melt away the feeling of being burned out and actually helped clear my mind of everything that was stressing me out. Though I tried to do some writing here and there while I was gone, things just weren’t really clicking or coming together like I wanted them to. So instead of forcing things, I decided to put them on the back burner while I was away.

But then something awesome happened while I was on the bus to my destination. We were driving through an area that seemed to just be made up of trees for miles and miles. I was staring out the window, listening to music, and just letting my mind wander. Then I suddenly got this very vivid vision in my mind. It was one of the characters from a novel I started and then shelved when I got writer’s block about it. And just like that, everything else came to me. All the things I couldn’t figure out before came to me and just like that, I understood my characters and where that novel is meant to go. I wasn’t expecting that to happen, but I’m really glad it did because now I feel inspired to pick it back up and work on it.

I know this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t take that time away from writing to take a trip and focus on other things. I would have remained burnt out and stressed and possibly end up hating everything I wrote, which would have negatively impacted my work and my mental health. So I am really glad I took that time away, it was much needed. And I encourage any writer who is feeling burnt out to do the same. Take a break. Go on a trip if possible. Focus on other parts of your life or on other hobbies. And when you least expect it, inspiration will strike and it will be good!



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