Its Been Awhile!

Hello everyone!

I can’t even remember the last time I posted on here. I know for awhile I was having issues with WordPress and the way they had changed things because no one was seeing my posts after the changes and they never replied back to my email about why it was happening. I’m not even sure if anyone will see this post, but here I am writing it anyway.

A lot has happened since my last post- whenever that was- and my life and writing have taken unexpected turns that have led me to the point I’m at now. My writing has shifted, now more focused on helping people who suffer from anxiety and other mental illnesses like I do. My therapist has encouraged me to start a blog about my anxiety journey and things I’ve been learning through my research. She said I have an interesting mind and she likes the way I put things together in a way that not everyone else would think to. So I am going to be starting an anxiety related blog! It feels like the right thing to do, it feels like the right time, and I feel like I can possibly do some good with it.

So where does that leave this blog? The answer- I’m not sure. I definitely believe that my non-anxiety writing and my anxiety writing should be separate, but I haven’t been doing much non-anxiety related writing as of late, so… it really leaves me wondering what I should. I know my focus has shifted and that life has started changing for me in ways I didn’t’ expect to ever happen and I’m not the same person who started this blog however long ago I started it.

So here I am, ready to start a new writing journey, hoping I can do some good through the struggles I’ve been facing and will continue to face for however long I’m meant to.

Comments, questions, ideas, etc can all be left in the comments section below. I’m not really sure what else to say right now.


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  1. Way to go, Michelle! Sounds like you have found a path of writing, a focus, something that is important to you. Follow your heart! When you do that, you will want to write, and will help others. That’s the road to take!


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