Life Is An Obstacle Course

Just when you think you’ve overcome one obstacle, another one- or in my case about five or more- pop up and once again you’re struggling to get over them. Without going into too much detail, my personal life and also my writing life, haven’t been going that well. My writing is suffering due to my personal life because the personal life obstacles have gotten in the way and overcoming them has been a huge challenge, one that I’m still being faced with.

Some days I wake up and the obstacles seem overwhelming. I look at them and think “I’ll never get over them” or “I’m trying my hardest to get over this, but nothing is working out. Why is nothing I’m doing making a difference?” Some days I wake up and think “Today is going to be better. This is the day the obstacle goes away”, and then it doesn’t. As much as I hate to say it, I have to admit the truth- my pessimism is completely crushing my optimism.

Now for anyone who knows me outside of the blog sphere, you know this has been a constant struggle for me, and that I’ve battling with it, but lately all the fight has gone out of me. I keep wondering why life keeps pushing all these obstacles at me at once and why no solutions are working. I’ve been trying so hard to make things better and to make these obstacles a speck in my rear view, but nothing I’m doing is working, and all I can do is ask “Why?”

Why does life like to derail us at our best moments? Why does life like to crush our optimism? When are enough obstacles enough? And when is our best finally good enough?

With all the obstacles in front of me right now that aren’t going away, I honestly feel like finishing my novel and finding an agent will be a lot easier than overcoming my personal life obstacles! And we all know finishing a novel and finding an agent aren’t that easy because there are obstacles with both of those!

Maybe my perspective is wrong or I’m trying too hard to make things better, I don’t know though I wish I did. Life is an out of control roller coaster at the worst of times, a mystery most of the time, and then smooth sailing when things are where you want them to be, but one thing is for sure- Life is an adventure and no two adventures are ever the same.

So my question is- When life put you on that out of control roller coaster ride full of obstacles, how did you get through it? When did your best finally become good enough to get you over those obstacles? And most of all- How did you keep your optimism when pessimism threatened to crush it?

I really hope all of you are doing well and that any obstacles you might be facing will soon be in your rear view mirror.



  1. Pessimism always creeps in during winter months. People don’t realize the lack of light takes a big toll. Problems become big problems, or just seem to be bigger. For me, music or old movies or the Hallmark Channel work. Hanging out with friends who make me laugh. And of course, writing. Only you know what makes you feel joy. So here is my happiness to you, Michelle!

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