There Is Always Another Obstacle

Just when I have a plan set in motion for both this blog and my novel, another obstacle comes out of nowhere-

My laptop died.

Well it didn’t die per say,it would just be extremely expensive to fix. Since the laptop is old and that model isn’t made anymore, I’m not getting it fixed because it might really die in a few months. I had to get a new one and put it on layaway. So I probably won’t have a laptop again until the end of November at the earliest. I’m writing this from my public library, which is a very inspiring location to write, but at the same time because of the way I work, is an inconvenience for me to get to!

So I’m going to use my time away from the Internet to hand write out some future blog posts as well as continue on handwriting my novel, which is in pieces and I need to organize so I know what scenes I still need!

This situation really sucks, but I know I’m doing my absolute most with it, so I just have to roll with it for now. My only question is- Why do obstacles come up at the most inconvenient times? Is the Universe testing me? Are the writing gods testing me to see if I really have the motivation to be a writer? … Or do I really need to actually take that whole replacing your technology after so many years thing seriously? I don’t know the answers to any of these questions, all I know is I have to keep on going and get over this obstacle so I get back to my writing and blogging.

In the meantime- in case I’m not back on before then- I wish all of you a Happy Halloween, a Happy NaNoWriMo, and a Happy Thanksgiving! I also wish all your technology continues to stay alive and working while you work on any projects and pieces you have!


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  1. Michelle, you inspire me with your passion and perseverance. Really! A long time ago a friend of mine commented on people who who were faced with obstacles. “They rise to the top or sink to the bottom.” I thought this was harsh at the time, yet I understand what she was trying to say. Michelle, you rise to the top!


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