My New Writing Schedule

So in my last blog post I mentioned how I started a schedule to keep me on track with writing and I thought I’d share it with all of you!

The first picture is last months scheduling. It might not make sense when you just look at it, but here’s my explanation-

I wrote the month at the top along with its beginning and end dates, then down the margin of the notebook I wrote the days 1-30. From there I wrote in my word goal for each day by 50s, so you can see it went from 50-500. The numbers colored in blue are the words completed that day, the numbers colored in red are words not completed that day, and the few numbers colored in green show that the day was completed and all 500 words were written. The numbers in yellow beside the day of the month are my complete word count for that day. Then at the bottom of the page I put in my overall word total for the month, then what the month goal was. As you can see September had a lot of red and also some zeroes for days I didn’t get anything written for one reason or another. I am proud of myself for writing 6,374 words, but I know I could do better!

But as you can see for the month of October, I lowered my word count to 300 words a day in hopes of reaching my word goal for the month. So far I’m doing well with it, but as you can see, I haven’t updated for October 3rd yet, but I did write over 300 words yesterday- 360 words to be exact.

Right now I’m just working on fine tuning this writing work schedule for myself because I know some days it’s easier for me to write than others. Next month I might try to wrote 400 words a day or I might just stick to the 300, I’m unsure at the moment. I do know that I’m hoping by January or February, March at the absolute latest, I’ll be able to start my first round of editing on my novel!

If anyone has any tips or tricks on how to refine my writing schedule, please let me know! Also please share your writing schedules if you have one. I’m interested to see how everyone else gets themselves motivated to write!




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