Taking A Risk

So as many of you know, this semester I am doing my Senior Seminar, which basically just means I have to write a huge paper and do a presentation on it. Well, with only a few weeks to go until it’s due I took a huge risk- I changed my thesis statement and started over. Completely over. As in I have to write a whole other paper. Honestly, I didn’t have that much done for the other paper because I was finding it difficult to write and I’ve also been working more, so it’s not that bad, but I’m still taking a risk in changing my thesis and starting over so close to the due date. I’ve already had to sacrifice doing something I love in order to put more time into this paper and I’m just hoping I won’t have to do that again because my best friend’s wedding is coming up in May and there’s the usual stuff to do before it, so hopefully I won’t have to miss out on any of that stuff!

So everyone, please give me some words of encouragement and confidence that I can get this paper done in time because with having to start over and everything else I have going in, it’s probably going to be a finish-by-the-skin-of-teeth situation! I’m off to work on my paper some more before heading into work!

My question for all of you is- Have you ever changed a paper topic or restarted a piece of writing close to a deadline? If you did, how did it turn out? And if you haven’t, what advice would you give someone to not panic over time? Have a great week everyone!



  1. Michelle, yes! I have had to change lesson plans and writing at the last minute. In college, I can remember finding that spark and staying up all night to write (more than once). The big difference, and I can tell this from your post, is that you are now writing something you want to write about. Any writer will tell you that when you want to write, it doesn’t matter what time of day or how freaked out you might be about everything else. Thank goodness you switched to what you wanted to write about. This has to be ‘no panic’ compared to what you ditched. Just get in the zone, and don’t overthink. Write. Nothing else matters. You will do just fine, because you made the choice to change your writing. That in itself is your brass ring.

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    • Yeah, I’m feeling a lot more confident with my new topic and so far the process is going smoother, it’s still just a lot of work to do with not a lot of time to write it! Thank you for your vote of confidence, I really appreciate it 🙂

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