Making Changes

Tried posting this twice, so here’s to hoping that a third attempt (and me reblogging this), will FINALLY get it posted to my site!


So I posted this on Easter, but due to lack of views and no comments, I’m guessing it didn’t properly upload to my blog… again. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Because it’s kind of recurring! But here’s my post from Sunday!-

Over the past few weeks I’ve realized there is something I need in my life more than anything else right now- Change. Now due to financial limitations, I can’t change where I live (one day), BUT I can change how where I live looks, so I started making changes to my bedroom. I rearranged quite a bit of my furniture (I did it all in one day and I was really sore the next day, so I don’t recommend moving a lot of furniture in one day)! By doing this I’ve opened my room up more and now I have better designated areas for everything, so…

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