First Project Completed!

Last month I posted about branching out creatively and how that is something I wanted to do. I said that my first project would be a painting with each of the Divergent faction symbols on it as a reminder to myself of all the things I would like to be everyday of my life. I also made a charm bracelet to represent each faction, see it in my last post linked here-

It took me two attempts to get the painting done, the first being sloppily done because I wanted to get it done quickly, which resulted in it not turning out well. But with the second attempt, I took my time, tracing out the pictures onto the canvas with pencil before going in with paint. I admit to having traced each symbol because I can’t draw, but there was a lot of work put into that too- I had to make cardboard stencils so they would be sturdier and also so I wouldn’t have to worry about ripping as I traced. Please try not to hold that against me because my drawing abilities are non-existent and I really wanted this to turn out well!

So here is the painting-


I hope the lighting in the picture and everything is OK, the lighting in my room can be really weird sometimes. I am really happy with how it turned out and I feel really proud of myself for taking the time to do this instead of just going online and finding the same thing and buying it. I did it myself, I did it for myself because it’s something I really wanted, and now every time I look at this painting, I will be reminded of not only the five things I want to be in my everyday life, but I will also be reminded that I CAN do something if I set my mind to it. When I started this project I didn’t know if I would be able to do it because this isn’t something I normally do, but seeing it now, knowing I did it… I’m blown away that I was able to do it and it turned out well! This really gives me some much needed confidence as I move forward with other projects both writing and non-writing related.

I would love to see what all of you think about this painting! Please let me know your thoughts and also if you would like to see other future projects I will be working on. have  a great weekend everyone!



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