Something I Made Today

I posted this yesterday, but it didn’t go through properly, so I’m going to reblog it and hope this time everyone gets it!



So besides writing another of my passions is making jewelry. I make a lot of beaded jewelry (mainly for my friend Kellie who seems to always want something new), but I also make other types of jewelry and am working on bettering my jewelry making skills by reading jewelry making books and watching/reading jewelry making tutorials!

Today I was FINALLY able to make a piece of jewelry I’ve been wanting to make for awhile now- a charm bracelet inspired by the book/movie series Divergent. The bracelet has five charms, one for each faction. I know the picture is a little blurry is certain areas, so I will quickly explain the charms. The tree represents the Amity faction because their faction symbol is a tree. Abnegation is the faction that is outdoors and farms and they represent kindness. The flames represent the Dauntless faction because their faction symbol is flames. Dauntless…

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