Upcoming Series

This is just a quick post to let everyone know what series I will be adding to this blog over the next few weeks/months-

Favorite books

Favorite book series

Favorite movies (Both in general and based off of books I’ve read)

Favorite television shows (Both in general and based off of books I’ve read)

Movie reviews (The first one will be the first half of Allegiant when it comes out March 18th!)

Tattoo stories (I just need to find more people to contribute to this series before I can get it started)

I will also be posting about various projects, both writing and non-writing related that I will be working on over the next few months, but those might just be individual posts unless it’s a long project.

I might add more series once I see how well the others do, but for now, those are the six series I plan on adding to this blog! Hopefully you guys will enjoy reading them as much as I’ll enjoy posting them. Have a great week everyone!



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