Using Other Creative Outlets as Inspiration for Writing

Yesterday in my Creative writing class, our professor brought in a friend of hers who is a painter, but not a normal painter He doesn’t use canvas to paint. he incorporates broken things or garbage into his pieces, giving them new life and transforming them into something amazing. The painter himself is amazing, very outspoken and inspirational. The professor had us use two of his pieces as inspiration for our in class writing assignment and it was really cool to see how differently all of us saw the pieces and then put our interpretations into poetry.

This sort of ties into my post about using music as inspiration, only this time we were using art. I really like how the professor challenges us to use other creative outlets as inspiration for our writing, which really keeps the class interesting and keeps us on our toes!

So my question is- Have any of you ever used a painting as inspiration for a piece you’ve written? If so, what painting and how heavily did it influence you? It’s really amazing what can inspire a person!



  1. Yes! I teach children about famous artists and works of art, not knowing what pieces they will grab onto. When they become inspired, that is what I write about. ‘Large Blue Horses’ by Franz Marc and ‘The Three Musicians’ by Picasso have been favorites. I will put on your blog a photo of a preschooler’s art, matching that of Kandinsky. Wow! Both music and art are a language in themselves, and can move mountains (certainly the heart), which in turn is the best source of creative writing. Search some of my art and music blog posts. I want to be in your class!!

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