Snow, Snow, GO AWAY!

It snowed so much in my town yesterday (30.2 inches to be exact), and seeing all that snow just made me feel unmotivated, which is why I’m posting a day late.

I have to say that while I think snow is beautiful when it firsts falls to the ground and I think it’s beautiful to watch fall, that’s all I really like about it! When I was younger and it meant snow days meaning no school, I LOVED it because I didn’t like elementary through high school very much, but now that I’m in college and go to a school I love, snow days are nothing but an unwanted disruption for me! My class yesterday was cancelled, which really bummed me out because I wanted to get a feel for the professor’s teaching style and get to know who I would be in class with, but the snow ruined that and since this class is already shortened because of the way certain breaks/holidays fall, I feel like I won’t get the full worth of this class which is a shame because I really do want to get the most out of every class I take. So hopefully the professor can find a way to remedy this and I won’t feel like we’ve missed out on anything.

Personally, my favorite type of weather is rainy weather. When it rains I seem to not only have more energy, but feel more inspired and productive as well. If I could live somewhere where it rains 98 percent of the time, is sunny 1 percent of the time, and snows 1 percent of the time, I would be extremely happy. True my curly-turned-to-straight hair wouldn’t stay straight very long, but that is what hair straighteners are for and I’d take having to straighten my hair every day over snow and sunshine!

So I hope all this snow clears up soon so things can go about undisturbed and not feel so chaotic. My life has felt really chaotic and disturbed over the past few weeks and this snow hasn’t helped me feel like things are going to be calm and centered again anytime soon. Maybe I’m just using the snow as a metaphor for what’s really bothering me and what I really want to go away, but who knows?

So my questions for you are-How much snow did you get in your town/city? And what’s your favorite kind of weather? Stay warm everyone!



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