A New Semester Sort Of Begins

Today is the beginning of the Spring 2016 semester at Muhlenberg College. Today was supposed to be my first day back after a month off, taking my first class of the semester, my Senior Seminar Medieval Literature. But that ended up not happening! I went to class just to find out this class is scheduled for TOMORROW night! Even though EVERYTHING for both our professor and the students said the class was scheduled for tonight, an error was made and two classes ended up being in one room for a little bit tonight before we got it all straightened out. So what should have been my first night back to the place I love, to the place where I feel like I’m doing something productive and good with my life got cut short and now I have to wait to experience that feeling until tomorrow! I have never had this happen before and while it is amusing on some levels, I really am bummed out because I actually like going to school (except when I had to take a Math class, then I never wanted to go because I suck at Math)!

So my question for all of you reading this post is- Have you ever had an experience like this one? Or have you ever had any other confusing class experiences? It could be anything from the room being changed at the last minute and you not knowing it to having a whole class be changed at the last minute, any and all confusing class experiences are welcome! And if you don’t have any confusing class moments, what is the most memorable thing that happened on the first night of a semester for you? Or the first night you started college? I’m just really interested to know what some of your college experiences have been! Eventually I will make a post about some of the most memorable moments I’ve had during my four years at Muhlenberg, but I think I’ll save that for closer to my graduation or after I graduate. I am looking forward to all your replies and stories!



  1. Freshman year at Point Park College in Pittsburgh. Was spending a little more time enjoying college life than applying myself to college work and was struggling in a night class I was taking with mostly working adult, business people. Halfway through the semester the prof was crossing the street when he was hit by a Pitt Transit bus. He was fine …but the replacement prof decided to throw out all the grades (I don’t think he could decipher the incumbent professor’s records) and start anew. I made the most of my second chance!

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