I Once Used Toilet Paper and Eyeliner to Write Down an Idea

Yes readers, you read that right- One time while in the bathroom I had a really great idea that I didn’t want to forget and since I didn’t have a pen and paper on me, I had to use the next best thing- Toilet paper and black eyeliner. This experience made me realize two things:

1- ALWAYS HAVE PEN AND PAPER ON YOUR PERSON! Especially because eyeliner has a bad tendency to smudge… I learned that the hard way, but luckily the writing was still (somewhat) legible. So I always try to have pen and paper on me everywhere I go in case I get an idea I don’t want to forget. If/when I start driving, I think having a voice recorder might be a better idea because writing while driving sounds dangerous!

2- Ideas can come to us at the most random times. Whether we’re in the bathroom, driving, sitting in class, at work, anywhere and everywhere is a place where a random idea can come to us and it needs to be written down so we don’t forget it because let’s face it- No matter how much we say we won’t forget something, we most likely will!

Ideas are just as important to a writer as the actual writing is. Without them, the writing would probably never happen because we wouldn’t know what to write about! So make sure that great idea you’ve been holding inside for days or weeks or month or years is written down because one day you will forget it whether you want to admit it or not! Don’t let your next poem or short story or novel or blog post get lost in the chaos that is your mind!

With all that said, I have two questions for all of you- What is the most random thing you’ve ever had to use  to write down an idea? And where is the most random place you’ve ever had an idea come to you? I look forward to see your responses.



  1. This one is easy. The wife and I frequent an eating establishment where they provide crayons and a white paper place mat of sorts for the kiddies to doodle on (or perhaps adults who have had one adult beverage too many?). One day while at lunch there I had an idea I wanted to “take along.” For whatever reason we didn’t have any traditional writing implement so a crayon was selected, the idea was noted…and part of said place mat wound up in my pocket so the idea eventually returned home.

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  2. You are so right! Ideas just… well, come whenever they choose. It may be in the car or in the middle of the night. The worst is in the middle of a conversation with another person at a party. Running to the bathroom to write on toilet paper would be tacky (and where would a pen be?) I feel a bit sorry for the poor soul who is next to me when I have ‘the lightbulb moment’. My behavior at that point resembles a child. Could be the preschool teacher in me.

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    • I understand exactly what you mean! Sometimes I’ll be in the middle of a conversation with a friend, get a great idea, and then just stop the conversation to write it down! They’ve gotten used to it by now, but every time I do it they look at me like I’m insane! I guess only other writers will truly understand the ‘lightbulb moment’, and how it’s truly a ‘live in the moment’ situation!

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