Writer’s Block: When Your Imaginary Friends Are on Vacation

Writer’s block- Some writers say it exists and that it’s a huge pain to deal with because as a writer, creative blocks are the worst thing that can happen us. Some writers say it doesn’t exist and that anyone is capable of writing anything at anytime. I know opinions on this subject differ and I will admit that my opinion on writer’s block differs as well. I do believe that writer’s block exists, but not to the severity believed, but I don’t believe we can write anything at anytime, I think there is a time and a place for certain kinds of writing.I believe there are times when we’re working on something whether it be a novel or a paper or a short story that we get stuck and can’t think of where to go next with it. That means we are blocked writing that piece, BUT it doesn’t mean we are blocked from writing anything else. So if we’re blocked with a certain piece of writing, sometimes the best thing to do is put that piece off to the side and work on something else. I know that working on multiple pieces is frowned upon by some writers, but sometimes it can really help. But if working on multiple pieces at one time doesn’t sound appealing to you, I offer another solution that was given to me- Free write. Write anything that comes to mind and don’t edit it. Sometimes just writing freely can unblock your mind and then you are back in business!

The most important thing to remember with writer’s block is that it happens to everyone at some point in time and it doesn’t mean you’re a terrible writer or you’ve used up all your ideas- It just means you are human like everybody else! So don’t stress over writer’s block too much because stress only makes it harder to combat- I’m speaking from personal experience on that! Just do whatever it takes to relax and clear your mind and before you know it, you’ll be writing again like the writer’s block never happened!

I would love to hear your opinions on writer’s block and any tips/advice you have on dealing with it or how you’ve overcome your own case of writer’s block!



  1. I think you give very good advice in your post, that if someone is suffering from writer’s block, the best thing to do is to find a way to relax, or at least make the mind think it is relaxed. It reminds me of stage fright, and the same approach can be used to overcome it.

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  2. This time last year when I’d finished my second book, I would have said i’d never experienced writer’s block. A year on. I can’t say that anymore. I’ve been writing all year, and have dozens of short stories and flash fiction pieces to my credit. But my third book has been on hold – and not because I don’t want to get on with it. Something in me just keeps making me write other things. Now, that may be good for a short while, but not for this long! Admittedly, I’ve got back into my story now and am feeling on a role. But I think I did have writer’s block – with that particular story – for a long time. Thank you for the great article and excellent advice.

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      • I’m hoping to put them together into a short story book sometime. A fellow blogger suggested that to me, and I think it’s a good idea. I have at least 70 FF stories already. We’ll see, as they say. 🙂


      • I thought so, too. I know of one other blogger who’s already published a book of flash fiction on Amazon. I’ll look into the idea further in the new year. It’s how to organise the different stories into a book I need to think about. I also want to put an illustration with each story, which I’ll have to sort out.


      • The amount of thought you give everything is really inspiring. I’m still trying to figure out the right directions to go with pieces for my Dark Poetry & Fantasy Workshop! Maybe some of your thought process could rub off on me lol!


  3. I have never taken on writing a novel or even a short story but am fairly confident that process has writer’s block baked into it. As for blogging I am able to think of a topic first thing in the AM and sit down and create a post from scratch quickly. I recognize this as a gift and am currently trying to determine how best to apply it going forward with the rest of my working life…and not being employed right now has me closely investigating how to move forward. Degree is in Journalism and it would be nice to “finish out” doing what I now realize I should have tried harder to do all along. Keep writing if your passion and don’t give up on it!

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