Some Exciting News and Plans for this Blog

Hello everyone! Sorry it’s been about two weeks since I last updated, but life has been a roller coaster as of late. I won’t go into details about the bad that happened, but instead, I will share two pieces of good news I’ve been wanting to share!

The first is that on November 1st (next Sunday), I am going to inducted into Muhlenberg College’s Sigma Tau Delta, which is The International English Honor Society! There are certain requirements to even be invited and not many people get invited to join, but I was one of them! It is a huge and I also feel like it’s going to be helpful as I continue on my journey of becoming a professional writer!

The next exciting news is that I have a new job! Sadly it’s not a writing job, but a job is a job and I am looking forward to any new skills I might gain from this job that will help me farther my career as a writer.

As for this blog, I have some ideas for it that I am currently working on. I plan on starting a few series about books I love, movies based off books I’ve read that I love, some book reviews, and many other ideas that I’m not revealing yet! My goal is to hopefully expand my readership and gain more followers as well as connect more with people and get as much advice as I can to help myself become a better writer. I also want to continue to work on my novel and try to challenge myself with different writing exercises in different styles about topics I normally wouldn’t write about. I want to become a stronger writer and also get myself onto a stricter schedule with my writing and my blogging.

So if anyone has any ideas, suggestions, comments, or just wants to say hi, please do so! Thank you to everyone for the support you have given me so far!



  1. Congrats on all the good stuff going on with your job and the English Honor Society (right up the road from me in the western Philly suburbs…Muhlenberg!)Read a few posts and am looking forward to following and commenting on your future posts.

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