Another Semester Done!

My blog followers have probably been wondering where I’ve been the past almost five weeks, and I feel I owe them an explanation. As some of you may know, I am currently an undergraduate working toward my Bachelors Degree in English and I spent this Summer taking courses to complete my degree a little faster. This was a rough Summer for me because I really pushed myself with my course choices. I took an introductory Astronomy course, which was really challenging to me due to its combination of Math and Science, which are two of my biggest weaknesses, so I had to put a lot of time and effort into it. I was also doing my first independent study course with a class called Shakespeare Reproduced, which presented a different sort of challenge for me. I’m used to having a set time each week for a class and I’m used to being in a class with other people, so to do a class on my own that was completely in my hands was a new experience for me because it was easy to put the work on the back burner, but it also gave me a glimpse into what graduate school might be like for me, so it was a really helpful experience to go through. Then there was my introductory Digital Photography course which challenged me on a creative level because I’m not used to working in a creative medium that isn’t writing. This class challenged me to view the world differently, to take photos I would have never taken before this class, and it turns out I have a knack for photography, so I’m considering pursuing it farther as a way to help enhance my writing career and also because I really enjoyed the course! In the end, all my hard work in these three courses paid off with a shocking A- in Astronomy and A’s in the other two. Now with a two week break before the Fall semester begins, I can put my main focus on my blog and my novel, two things I neglected during this Summer semester.

So that is why I disappeared for a bit, but now I’m back with a lot of new ideas for blog posts, so stay posted everyone! And thank you to everyone who supported me and helped me deal with this semester, you guys made it easier for me to get through everything!


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